unsafe forbidden

Rust implementation of ball path prediction for Rocket League; Inspired by Samuel (Chip) P. Mish’s C++ utils called RLUtilities.

This crate also contains fixes to discovered errors stemming from the original repo.


Make sure you have Rust/Cargo installed, then just run cargo test --release in the terminal.

Example implementations

Check out the examples folder! If you want to run them and don’t know how:

cargo run --example example_name

For example, to run the example basic.rs:

cargo run --example basic

Performance numbers

Numbers are from a system running Ubuntu 22.04.1 with a Ryzen 9 5900X with 3600MHz CL18 RAM.

Numbers will vary depending on your system.

  • load_soccer: Loads 8028 triangles, executes in around 910µs
  • load_hoops: Loads 15732 triangles, executes in around 1.82ms
  • load_dropshot: Loads 3616 triangles, executes in around 410µs
  • load_soccer_throwback: Loads 9272 triangles, executes in around 1.16ms
  • get_ball_prediction_struct_for_time: Soccer + 8 seconds, executes in around 140µs
  • get_ball_prediction: Soccer + 6 seconds, executes in around 110µs
  • get_ball_prediction: Hoops + 6 seconds, executes in around 200µs
  • get_ball_prediction: Dropshot + 6 seconds, executes in around 90µs
  • get_ball_prediction: Soccer + Throwback Stadium + 6 seconds, executes in around 110µs


  • uncompressed: Default feature. Enables the loading of uncompressed binary field data, which is faster but increases the size of the final binary.
  • compression: Nightly only - Minimize the size of the produced binaries by compressing the binary field data at compile time. Will slightly slow down load_x() functions.
  • stable-compression: Does the same as compression using the same crate, but available for use in stable Rust.
  • fast-math: Enables the fast-math feature in the glam crate.